About us

Carbon-Plus Capital LLP is a UK-registered firm specialising in low-carbon project development and advisory.

Our Vision is a cool Earth, a diverse Planet and an inclusive World.

Our Mission is to accelerate the transition to low carbon development.

Our Approach is to bring together coalitions of governments, businesses and civil society organisations that can shift policies and markets; catalyse investment to take low-carbon technologies and enterprises to scale; use communications to build ambition and pace; focus on opportunities that have the greatest potential to deliver impact and change.

Our Focus in terms of where we work is Africa and in terms of the sectors we work in is principally the Land-use and Land Use Change sectors (e.g. habitat protection and restoration, climate-smart agriculture, agroforestry and forestry), and the Energy sector (e.g. waste-to-power; renewable energy).

We have Offices in London and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.