Carbon-Plus Capital LLP is actively engaged in developing and financing low-carbon projects in with a strong focus on Africa in partnership with leading sustainable land- and energy-use specialists.

Project development and implementation

Together with our partners, Carbon-Plus Capital LLP is uniquely positioned to address the risks and opportunities in implementing low-carbon investment projects ensuring:

  • A competitive, risk-adjusted return on investment
  • Equity and fairness in the flow of benefits to local communities and landowners;
  • The capacity of key stakeholders to engage with and participate in project design and implementation;
  • The use of credible baselines to demonstrate the threats to forest destruction and the reductions emissions achieved;
  • Projects do not simply shift the problem of habitat destruction elsewhere;
  • Carbon finance will result in emissions reductions that would not otherwise have occurred;
  • Project governance and management conforms to best practice standards of transparency and decision-making.