08 Jan ’13: Niassa REDD+ & Climate Resilience Initiative receives approval from Code REDD

08 January, 2013

Carbon-Plus Capital’s partnership with Fauna & Flora International received a boost this week when its joint initiative, the Niassa REDD-plus & Climate Resilience Initiative, was approved by Code REDD.

Code REDD is a global non-profit that uses market-based solutions to save the endangered forests of the world. All Code REDD approved projects protect wildlife and plant biodiversity, foster community development, and create sustainable jobs. Code REDD developers have all committed to an industry-leading set of best practices designed to maximize impact and minimize risk (Verified Carbon Standard, CCB, FPIC).  Code REDD connects these developers with socially responsible companies, and works with them to leverage the achievement of their CSR, Sustainability, and GHG reductions goals.

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